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Lightning Movers Rates

We are very competitive on our rates.  We purposely have different size trucks and trailers to handle specific jobs. Most moving companies have very large truck that cannot get into tight.  We on the other hand have taken a different approach, we only use the size truck needed  which will save you time and money.

Rates include Dis/reassembly as needed, insurance, truck, moving blankets, fuel, tools and dollies. Packing:            $10 per box and $20 per Wardrobe box if you choose to keep the box. Hourly rate begins once packing is complete.

(If packing only)

Packing services are to be paid upon completion of packing

Moving Rates

2 movers @ $100 per hour

25lb of Paper $25

Small Box $1.00

3 Movers @ $135 per hour

Tape Role $1.50

Medium Box $1.50

4 Movers @ $170 per hour

Shrink Wrap $6.00

Large Box $2.25

3 Hour Minimum on all moves

Paper Pad $2.50

Wardrobe Box $10.00

Extra Truck $40.00 per hour

Mattress Bag $7.00

Bubble Wrap Role $30.00

Moving Pad $15.00

The above proposal is based on the information given by the Customer and the attached Inventory Form. Rates are continuous based on time and packing material needed to complete new resident’s moving needs. Payment is due upon completion of move. Lightning Movers accepts cash, cashier’s checks and credit cards. Lightning Movers have the right to terminate the move without refund, if there is a blatant indiscretion on the part of the client. Lightning Movers is not responsible for items left behind in vehicles. Lightning Movers is not responsible for un-packaged or improperly packaged items that may break due to packing by the client. Vehicle cannot be loaded beyond registered weight capacity. Lightning Movers is not responsible for personal injury of people or pets that interfere or in walkway of direction of move during contract agreement. Travel charges may be included in original bid unless otherwise stated. If move/packing takes longer or shorter than quoted due to being misinformed by customer, fees will reflect such.