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Steve K. Round Rock, TX 0 friends 4 reviews 9/22/2014 Lightning Movers provided excellent service and affordable solutions to our needs.  We recently relocated from out of state and were in an apartment before our new home was built. Shortly after moving in, out daughter moved into her own apartment.  All in all, Lightning moved us in some capacity a total of four (4) times within the last 3 months.  The team is prompt, friendly, professional and come equipped with all of the necessary equipment to do anything you may need. I would strongly encourage others to give Lightning a call for your moving needs as they don't mess around and are excellent to work with!!!! As much as I don't like moving, these guys made it MUCH easier!!!  Thanks Lightning!!!!!

 Cory D. 2nd Street District, Austin, TX 4 friends 4 reviews 5/1/2014
First to Review The guys have been very professional and prompt. Actually they were 20 min early. They have taken the time to carefully wrap and move the items in the house. They are also polite and very well mannered. We had some issues with the time allotment. The quote we were originally given was for 3 hours, it looks like it will take 7-8. After talking with the guys they were able to work things out with them. It's was a lesson for both if us. We need to ask more questions next time we use movers. They need to give a better range of the time it will take. I would recommend them to others, but set your expectations with them at the beginning.

Bob S. Cedar Park, TX 0 friends 3 reviews 4/20/2014
These are good guys!  I had a very bad experience with another moving company and was very nervous about this one.  They are young guys, but they are extremely nice and very hard working.  They moved our business first and did such a good job, we decided to use them for our home.  They really took care of our things and worked their butts off with both moves.  We had one issue with a large vase that accidentally got blown over by the wind before it went on the truck.  It was truly an accident and not due to any bad thing they did.  They immediately took responsibility for it and said they would replace it.  They asked where we got it and took the initiative to call them and try to get us a new one.  The vase was not available any longer so they said they would reimburse us if we went out and found a new one.  They took the broken one with them to try to fix it.  We didn't think they could do it but about a week later, they dropped it off and it looks like it did before it broke!  My wife never saw it broken and she said "if you hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known!"  Even after that, they still offered to pay for a new one since the other one had been damaged, even though you cant tell!  I have owned my own companies for over 25 years and customer service is the single most important aspect of ANY business.  These guys get that and they are going to do awesome.  We can't recommend them highly enough.  Ask them for my number and I will happily talk to you about our experience with them.  In a day and age where most young guys are more interested in playing the latest video game, these guys are busting their a** to build a company.  I really respect that and hope that you will give them a chance to move you.